Custom Orders

Groove Spoons does make custom wire wrapped mini spoons! Choose your favorite charm to be included in a spoon in whichever color, wrapping style, and attachment type you'd like. We can work with existing builds in our shop or branch out to something new.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or use the Contact Us form below!

Variations of Inventory

If you see a spoon you already like in the shop but just want a few changes, there are two ways you can go about this:

  1. If you want an adaptation that doesn't change the cost of an item (e.g. spoon color, wire color, wrap pattern), leave a note when you check out.
  2. If you want an adaptation that may change the cost (attachment type, extra charms, etc.), send an email to prior to ordering. We can create a custom order that includes the extra cost.
  • Typical Extra Costs:
    • Extra attachment: $1 - 2.50
    • Extra charm: $1 - 2.50

Item Not In Inventory

If you want something that isn't in the shop at all (such as a character we don't currently have), you'll need to send an email to and provide more information.

Typically, here's how the process work:

  1. We locate a charm online that you like (enamel/metal work best)
  2. Groove Spoons creates a custom order in our shop that incorporates the cost of acquiring the charm
  3. You purchase the custom order
  4. Groove Spoons orders the charm
  5. We wait for the charm to arrive
  6. We build the spoon with the charm

These times and costs do vary due to relying on an outside vendor, but it does mean you will have a truly customized mini spoon!

Prices of Base Builds

Here are the base prices for custom spoons (not including the cost of the charm or shipping):

  • Keychain: $28
  • Pendant with 24-inch cord: $27
  • Pendant with 31.5-inch chain: $29

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