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Groove Spoons

Customizable Red Cloud Mini Spoon Necklaces and Keychains

Customizable Red Cloud Mini Spoon Necklaces and Keychains

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These Naruto Akatsuki little wire wrapped spoons can be customized for your personal aesthetic! Make sure to read the instructions below to learn about the build options for your perfect red cloud mini spoon. All the mini spoons are 3.25-inch shovels.

In the drop down, choose which build you'd like, and then use the personalization option (or DM me!) for your preferences regarding wrap style, color scheme, and spoon colors.


Step 1: Choose a Build!

Build Options:

- Leash: This shovel comes with a "leash" (a braided keychain) with added bead details, made of matching red, black, and gold cord to match the Akatsuki cloud charm. Total build length with the .75-inch keychain clip: 7 - 10 inches depending on leash length.

- Keychain: If the "leash" isn't your thing, the "keychain" style replaces the leash with a few jump rings and matching keychain clip. Total build length with clip: 5 - 6 inches.

- Lobster Claw: If you prefer a smaller attachment type that can connect to anything, including necklaces and keyrings, the "lobster claw" build may be the best option for you! Total build length with the .5-inch lobster claw: 4 - 4.5 inches.

- Pendant: If you prefer a simple but stylish little spoon necklace, this Akatsuki pendant might be it! It includes a 24-inch cord necklace. Total build length with bail bead: 3.4 - 4 inches.


Step 2: Choose Your Customizations!

Customization Choices:

1) Wrap style:
- Wrap 1: Three gaps/zig zags
- Wrap 2: Swirls
- Wrap 3: Two gaps/zig zags

2) Wire color scheme:
- Color A: Red background wire with gold accent
- Color B: Gold background wire with red accent
- Color C: Black background wire with red accent
- Color D: Red background wire with black accent

3) Spoon color:
- Gray/black
- Bronze
- Gold
- Silver

I will match the metal accessories (keychain clip, lobster claw, or bail bead) to the spoon, but you can also choose red if you'd like to match the red cloud.

If you have other requests, please message me to see what I can do.

***NOTE: This item is made to order, meaning that it may not be exactly like the image, but I will try my best!***


I know how hard it is to get those sugar portions just right on the go--whether camping at a festival or raging at a rave--so GrooveSpoons are here to help you get your groove on!

These mini spoons (or, let's face it, sugar shovels) are the perfect size that they don't get lost, wire wrapped by me! I use a variety of attachment types—bail beads for necklaces, keychain clips or lobster claws, and homemade “leashes” (braided keychains)—to fit each raver’s unique needs. Choose the one with a charm that speaks to you and you'll be bumping to the vibe all night long.

See something you’re vibin’ but it’s sold out? Like something but it isn’t quite right? I’m making new inventory all the time, or you can DM me and we can figure out how to turn your spoon fantasy into an actuality!


Note: these spoons are made by me, meaning they may have some flaws. Pictures demonstrate front and back of all items to avoid any surprises, and pricing fluctuates depending on this, cost of materials, and production time.
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