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Holiday Movie Mini Spoon Necklaces and Keychains

Holiday Movie Mini Spoon Necklaces and Keychains

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Celebrate the spirit of mischief and wonder with this mini spoon festival accessory adorned with enchanting enamel charms. This charming piece captures the essence of a certain dark and delightful fantasy world where a particular king and his companion roam. The intricately designed enamel charms feature iconic symbols and motifs that evoke the magical mood of the beloved tale. You'll feel transported to a realm where Halloween reigns supreme and where enchantment is never far away. Perfect for adding a touch of spooky charm to your festival outfits or as a unique gift for a kindred spirit who loves all things eerie and whimsical. Get ready to embrace the magic and let your inner spirit shine with this enchanting mini spoon festival accessory!

The base 3.25-inch mini shovel base is the perfect size to reach in tight containers--such as jars, bags, and vials--to meet all your crafting and tea time needs. You'll be able to scoop the glitter, spices, sugars, and herbs precisely in a pinch!

🫶 Made-to-Order 🫶

GrooveSpoons are made-to-order. Use the drop-down menus to select build. Keychain builds will use the color indicated in the descriptions below unless otherwise requested; necklace builds can choose between a 24-inch black cord or 31.5-inch metal chain that matches the spoon color. They will be recreated as close as possible to the original but may have slight changes because they are handmade.

For intentional difference--like the wrapping style or color of the metal components, keychain clip, or wire--use the personalization option or DM me.


Option 1: The first has the powerful skeleton charm on a black spoon wrapped with black base wire and accented with silver wire in a boho pattern. His keychain clip would be black.

Option 2: The second option has the skeleton on a silver spoon wrapped with a black base wire and accented with silver wire wrapped in a spiral pattern. His keychain clip would be black.

Option 3: The haphazardly sewn doll charm is on a bronze spoon wrapped with purple base wire and accented with pale blue wire in a boho pattern. If you choose the keychain option, she comes with a yellow clip to match her color scheme!

Option 4: The charm is on a bronze spoon wrapped with a dark purple base wire and wrapped with a pale gold accent wire in a spiral pattern. If you choose the keychain attachment, she will have a blue keychain clip to match her color scheme.


Keychain: With this attachment, you'll get hardware that matches the spoon color, plus a keychain clip that is the color described above with each charm. Keychains are 4.5 - 5.5 inches long.

Necklace (cord): The spoon will be turned into a mini spoon pendant with a bail bead that matches the spoon color. This option will include a 24-inch black cord.

Necklace (chain): If you prefer a sturdier necklace, this option turns the spoon into a pendant with a bail bead, but it includes a 31.5-inch chain that matches the metal of the spoon.

🥄🌸 About Groove Spoons 🌸🥄

I know how hard it is to get those sugar portions just right on the go--whether camping at a festival or raging at a rave--so Groove Spoons are here to help you get your groove on!

These mini spoons (or, let's face it, sugar shovels) are the perfect size that they don't get lost, wire wrapped by me! I use a variety of attachment types—bail beads for necklaces, keychain clips or lobster claws, and homemade “leashes” (braided keychains)—to fit each raver’s unique needs. Choose the one with a charm that speaks to you and you'll be bumping to the vibe all night long.

🫙 Why Mini Shovels? 🫙

All spoons are made on 3.25-inch aluminum alloy mini shovels that are the perfect size to fit into any container, including jars, bottles, bags, and vials, meaning they are ideal for crafting (glitter, pigment, mica, powder, etc.) or for herbs and spices. Note: because they are made of aluminum, they should not be used with direct heat.

See something you’re vibin’ but it’s sold out? Like something but it isn’t quite right? I’m making new inventory all the time, or you can DM me and we can figure out how to turn your spoon fantasy into an actuality!

☮️ Note: these spoons are handmade made by me, meaning they may have some flaws. Wire, charm, and beading are reinforced with clear glue. Pictures demonstrate front and back of all items to avoid any surprises, and pricing fluctuates depending on this, cost of materials, and production time.

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